Advertising on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok: The best way to communicate with your audience!

The penetration of Social Media in our daily lives is rapid. People of all ages are gaining access to social media platforms at an unprecedented rate, with their dynamic being ever-increasing, making them powerful allies for any professional looking to achieve the best results. Social Media opens new paths for professionals, through targeted advertising to the consumer, while ensuring business expansion on a wider scale.

Advertising company DMM, by researching the evolutionary trends of Social Media, guarantees professionals a dynamic entry into the field of social networks, as well as providing the necessary care for the positive progress of your business within their framework, through a fully trained and experienced team of experts. It has taken on dozens of businesses for the development of a comprehensive and successful Social Media management strategy. The recipe for success is fresh and constantly updated content that we create. The audience hears what they really want to hear. We solve their problem. We are present exactly when they are looking for us. We increase brand recognition and gain reputation through communication techniques.

It is essential for a retail store to use social media to increase sales. A doctor should be present on social media to answer questions and schedule appointments. Businesses such as cafes, gyms, hair salons, etc. should showcase how customers will feel if they use the business’s products or services. Service-based companies have the opportunity to showcase their services or projects in the best way possible through social media. Social media provides a platform for businesses to connect with their target audience and increase brand awareness, leading to more sales and customer loyalty.

What methodology do we follow?

We establish the plan that we will follow. We identify the main channels where your audience is. We analyze the data and create the posting calendar.

  • Content creation: We create graphics and videos that will engage the audience. We use them in posts, stories, and any advertising.
    Facebook advertising: With the goal of sales, leads or awareness. Targeting using demographics, interests, and user behaviors.
  • Remarketing techniques: Advertisements that “follow” users who have already interacted (e.g. added to cart) at least once.

Social Media Marketing

Potential customers for your products or services can be found on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. It is important to make use of every advertising opportunity on these platforms in order to increase website traffic, brand recognition, and influence them to purchase the products or services they are interested in from you.

Together, we will create advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram with the goal of increasing sales, phone calls, and filling out a form of contact within your website. This will be achieved through:

  1. Precise targeting of the audience using Facebook’s advertising tools
  2. Use of appropriate and well-crafted content (text, images, graphics, banners, videos)
  3. Remarketing (targeting ads to users who have already interacted with the business)
  4. Use of statistics and analysis to track the effectiveness of campaigns and ensure that we meet our goals.

Focus on Social Media Marketing

Approximately half of the population in every country maintains an account on at least one social media platform. It follows that a significant percentage of these people are also potential customers for a business. It is important for businesses to focus on social media marketing in order to reach and engage with this audience.

Translate to english: Social media offer significant opportunities for entrepreneurs and companies that utilize them through their social media marketing strategy, as they provide the ability to reach the consumer audience where they spend most of their time, an approach with proven positive results.

In order to increase consumer traffic on social media platforms and therefore increase the visibility of your services and products, it is important to have knowledge of the requirements of each network individually. In this aspect, the contribution of an experienced professional appears to be necessary, at least in the initial stages of building your strategic plan.

Social Media Marketing puts the customer at the center of communication, thus enhancing their role. Through Social Media Marketing, the customer creates two-way communication and dialogue within online communities. This regular engagement helps to humanize the brand and transforms the consumer from a passive receiver of messages to an active participant and spokesperson.

The benefits of Social Media.

Because of the massive shift of the population to social media, it is evident that a business with a strong presence in the social media space offers more opportunities for the consumer to interact and engage with its services, and to communicate with the company.

Additionally, an increase in visitors to your business's pages will positively impact your search engine ranking, which is a necessary prerequisite for attracting and increasing the quality of your consumer base.

Social media gives the business owner the opportunity to create a targeted campaign, focusing, for example, on a specific geographical area or age group, according to the needs and characteristics of each business and each product separately. The most important thing in this process is that this targeted advertising, which positively enhances the consumer audience, can be done without significant financial cost for the business owner, compared to traditional offline and online marketing methods.


A user who has seen one of our products or services more than once and is interested in it, is more likely to place an order if the advertisement for the service he is interested in follows him on Social Media (Facebook, Messenger, Instagram Stories).

We will set up remarketing advertising campaigns through Facebook which will be shown to people who have visited our website at least once or viewed products or added products to the cart but did not make a purchase.

On Facebook & Instagram feeds, Messenger, Facebook & Instagram stories, Messenger, Marketplace. In this way we make our presence felt to the users who have “seen” us at least once.

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Social Media Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

The main differentiation of social media marketing compared to traditional marketing lies in the way social media sites are used. The various social media pages are essentially proprietary communication channels, which enable the business to be in real time communication with consumers in their familiar environment. Thus, the time and cost of advertising is essentially reduced, while the two-way relationship between the business and the consumer is strengthened.